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Getting started with Atlanta Production Properties has never been easier. When you partner with us, you can earn additional income directly from the Production Company or Tenant for your rental property – it’s safe, convenient and effortless. Partner with us and you can easily earn extra income from your properties reliably & conveniently!

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It’s Safe & Reliable

We have more than a decade of experience working with large & small production companies, feature films, TV Series and Indie Film Projects. We know how to properly vet them to assure that we are matching the right person with the right property.

Atlanta Production Properties Home Owner Services

It’s Convenient

We offer seamless support throughout the entire renting or selling process. We have tremendous experience working with homeowners like yourself, so matter your question or concern, we’re ready and able to provide you with support.

Atlanta Production Properties Home Owner Services

It’s Effortless

Once you’ve contact us, your work is done! That’s really how easy it is with Atlanta Production Properties. All we’ll need from you is approval once we find a suitable tenant.


Reach out to us directly with photos and details of your property. We’ll need more or less details, depending on the type, size and style of the property.

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Booking a time to meet with our team helps us get a better feel for what your property offers and who it would be best suited for.

Home Owner Services Atlanta Production Properties


List your property, and liaise exclusively with production companies and film studios who use us as their go-to resource when they are filming in Atlanta*.

*Certain limitations, exclusions and agreements apply.

Atlanta Production Properties Home Owner Services